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Launchers' violent bouncy recoil causes motion sickness


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The recoil of launchers such as the Kuva Zarr and Kulstar bounces up and down in a way that causes me motion sickness. This comes down to a few things:

1. The recoil moves at a random angle upward, even completely diagonally, rather than straight up.

2. When the screen swings back down, it doesn't rest at the starting point. Rather it bounces below it and then back up again. It's hard to tell but it seems like it might even have a very small bounce up again before settling back down with more extreme cases like the Kulstar.

The second one is the far worse part, because it's causing the screen to bounce far more than it needs to. The first just causes the screen to move uncontrollably.

With launchers such as the normal Zarr it's small enough that it's not an issue. I've never had a problem running the Zarr. But with the Kuva Zarr I'm going to have to use a slot for Stabilizer because it's making me dizzy.

Video showing the screen bouncing:

Note: I have screen shake turned off.


What do I think would be the best way to fix this? Remove at least the bouncing motion from launcher recoil. Alternatively, remove the screen motion of this kind of recoil entirely if you have Screen Shake turned off.

It's possible there's more to it with it being tied to a deeper system that all weapon recoil uses and it's just showing some issues in these specific cases. In any case, I would still appreciate some kind of fix for it. (Though frankly I don't see why launchers like those above need recoil at all.)

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