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Make Steel Path More Interesting By Returning Enemies To Their Former Glory


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Sapping Ospreys everywhere leaving a field of blue death (the floor/air is lava!). 

Manics spawning way more often, holding me down and slash procing me in the face. 

Nullifiers with no drone requiring a repeating weapon or melee to efficiently take out. 

Bursas before they were nerfed to hell, again, spawning more often. 

Make Juggernaut Behemoths show up on SP on maps where it can fit, instead of regular Juggernaut. 

Give Us SP Liches and have them do the back-break thingy again. 

Rebuff all Fortuna Enemies to OG levels as I've heard of. 

Increase the Spawn of ALL Elite Enemies in general on SP. 

If you can think of more examples please list them. I would SP to be a place not just of inflated stats, but a chance to see how well we can do against high level enemies that don't have all the nerfs (mechanics-wise and spawn frequency-wise) that they have received over the years. Then people wouldn't just call it sponge path anymore. :devil:

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5 hours ago, Jaysus41 said:

Sometimes dead is better.

It is brutally hilarious how your teammate just casually ignored your death, because the loot boxes were more important.

Back on topic: No, these are mostly terrible ideas. They were nerfed because this isn't Dark Souls. they're not fun mechanics, and most of them aren't counterable.

On a related note: Only two people even shoots nullifier drones. Behemoth Juggernauts are just larger, high stat juggernauts.

Increasing the spawn rate of higher tiered enemies would be fine, however.  It would be nice if we had more interesting enemies in the first place. Like an enemy that pretends to be one of your teammates, and doesn't try to kill you until you look the other way. Or a straight up mage, casting shields on other enemies, summoning miniature ice storms that slow down your animation speeds. Fire tornadoes that absorb your bullets to do more damage to you, but can be dispelled by a melee attack or if you have a weapon modded with ice.

At least, those are way more interesting than, like, shooting osprey mines for twenty minutes or metas where Rhino, Wukong, and Nidus are the only non-annoying picks.

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35 minutes ago, (PSN)theelix said:

No one even shoots nullifier drones.

I DO shoot them... and actually save ammo because of it, whenever I choose to use ranged weapons...


... But then again, its on a whim. I already 1-shot everything...

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