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Nyx Absorb Causes Game Crash


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Playing on private with a friend, doing Cassini grineer survival on Saturn. me as Nekros and him as Nyx. We had to kill the game script multiple times and restart the entire game many times.

first i was hosting (multithread on and he had multi thread on) and during the Nyx absorb the game hard froze, next time we both had multi thread on and he hosted, game crashed again during absorb. then i hosted with no multithread and he had no multi thread and it happened again. (a couple of times there would be a host migration but not always).


on a side note twice in a row during these crashes, the hard freeze would occur like this. i would run into nyx's absorb. point at the ground and click to shoot my torid. as soon as i did that click to fire the torid the hard freeze would happen, this occurred twice in a row.


and just in case you need them... hardware stats: (not possibly a hardware issue)

Asus rampage 4 extreme motherboard.


i7-3970X CPU @ 3.50GHz (overclocked to 4.5Ghz)set as a defult overclock in the mobo options)

Liquid cooled and never gets above mid 60 degrees Celcius.

2X (NOT sli) asus GTX680dcu2 top editions (set at card gaming profile OC) running max settings the cards never get to above mid 60 degrees celcius.


16GB G.skill Ripjaws @ 2133Mhz.


game is stored on a kingston hyperX SSD




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Verifying this too. My friend just crashed us twice by shooting me with Torrid while Absorb was active. "I figured guys would cluster around you so I shot you...."


    It sounds like it would of worked too.. If it weren't for those meddling bugs! and it's lack of being fixed yet too...

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May actually be more specific than a guy with a Torid shooting a Nyx's absorb. Apparently, any enemy with the Torid cloud attached will cause a crash if they walk or shoot into an Absorb.


Another friend reported a Torid-related crash that didn't involve Absorb as well. But I didn't get the details from him.

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