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any warframe like movies or shows on netflix?


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hey. casual topic here. long story short, im doing a big thing, and im getting Netflix to reward myself. and to prep for that, im collecting as many recommendations as i can. 

ive gotten back into warframe after a few month hiatus, and im loving the story and characters again. anyone got any recommendations that have a warframe like feel?

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There's a few different angles of "warframe like feel", this is my attempt.

Cannon Busters on netflix.

It's like Trigun cosplay in Cetus, and some of the plots and character developments felt like Warframe characters to me. It is a bit juvenile, but it's not suitable for children to watch imo.

EDIT: Got another one.


Starting in episode 2 it discusses transferring human consciousness into remote avatars.

It is also a bit juvenile, but it appears to be appropriate for all ages.

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Added another.
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I don’t have netflix so you might wanna check these out yourself 

living being puppet by another:

Gamer 2009

avatar 2009

surrogates 2009 (not really living being)

waking up long after the once big empire you’re part of fallen: andromeda tv series.

Broken and dumber remnant of a once great civilization:

the warlord: battle of the galaxy (1998) this was meant to be a pilot of a series

Terraformed planets:

firefly series and serenity

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Neon Genesis Evangelion -children born after the catastrophic 'second impact' have the power to synchronize with the EVA robots.

(strong warframe influencer)

Gunbuster2/Diebuster -same idea, children with metaphysical powers allow only them to pilot war machines


James Cameron's Avatar -the warframes all look like blue tree people though



EDIT: oh wait, you asked for Netflix

...well Evangelion is on Netflix at least... go watch it its good. The TV series first, the 'even of evangelion' movie after.

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Giving kids, ability to control something with power of the gods, and force them to save humanity, and at the end the kids just do what kids does.






Here's a random video to complete my pitch: 


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Not a Netflix show and you might already know them, but Code Geass and AoT are also similar in a few ways.

Maybe Shield Hero and Overlord in the sense they play in an alternate reality (virtual avatars)and the protagonists are morally ambiguous, like in Warframe.

Can't recall any other atm. that wasn't already mentioned, probably mech-related anime would be your best bet.

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