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Endless Teleporting - Steel Path Acolytes - Void Sabotage Mission


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TL:DR - Acolyte Spawning through the portal in Orokin Sabotage missions, after the void key has been used, results in the player being constantly teleported between the two sides of the portal.

So I was recently in a 2 person Steel Path run completing the 'Stribog' void sabotage mission. We had just placed the void key into the torsion beam device when the Acolyte appeared. We began to fight it but soon ran out of time and went through the portal before it closed. The Acolyte did not get teleported though behind us as we assumed, and instead remained on the other side of the portal. From then on every 2-10 seconds I was randomly summoned back to the Acolyte, before being teleported back to the portal exit, regardless of where I was before being summoned. Eventually I allowed my self to be downed, hoping this would fix it, however it simply made the other player start getting teleported. Having the non-teleporting player wait on extraction did not allow the mission to complete for some reason (even though the 1 minute countdown appeared). Needless to say, this was pretty game breaking. It took the best part of 15 minutes to gradually chip away at the Acolyte in the few frames between teleports until we killed it (after which we didn't even get the steel essence).

The player was teleported in both operator or warframe mode, although if in operator mode, the warframe was left where it had been exited, allowing for very slow progress toward the exit by moving a small distance, exiting the warframe, getting teleported, getting downing in operator and repeating. However due to the random timings between summonings, this is not a good solution.


Definitely an edge case, but an annoying one for sure.

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