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Warframe Can't Jump But Operator Still Can


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Just started doing the assassination mission on Uranus with Ivara, hadn't made it to the boss yet when for some reason my warframe couldn't jump.  It was fine when the mission started and a little way into the mission then it just wouldn't let me jump unless I was falling/in air (pointless at that point), wasn't jumping when I pressed A on my controller or the space bar on my keyboard.  The A button on my controller was still working as when I hit start then hit A to resume it functioned like normal.  Went into Operator mode and really freaking weird but he was able to jump just like normal.  I don't know what happened, wasn't even jumping at the time it decided to stop working.  Luckily since my operator can still jump I don't have to abandon the mission.

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Couple extra details
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