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Rhythm Frame


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This video popped up in my auto-play and I was struck with inspiration. A musical frame like Octavia, but instead of techno-pop, in major key, and kind of designed as a more supportive, "buffing the ally" frame; this one will be use classical music, be in minor key, and is disruptive to the enemy.

Name: Amati (named after the person to have allegedly created the first violin ) 

Passive: Amati's Rhythm - Amati possesses a unique combo multiplier that is tied his actions, the longer he maintains rhythm, the stronger his next ability cast will be.

1st ability: Metronome - emits a pulse that cycles between slow, med, and fast pace, enemies within the pulse will be stunned, to knocked down, to blown away, scaling with Amati's rhythm multiplier. 

2nd ability: Bowing- Amati summons an exalted Rapier, kills with this provide double to Amati's Rhythm Multiplier.

3rd ability: Disharmony - Amati shrills a cone of dissonant resonance toward his foes, striping them of armor, the % stripped scales with Amati's rhythm multiplier.

4th ability: Orchestral Discordia - Amati conducts the enemies weapons out of their hands, disarming them. The weapons will then dance around the stage firing at the nearest target. Each weapon's fire rate and duration is set to the pace last set by Metronome when it was cast, the number of enemies disarmed is affected by Amati's Rhythm Multiplier.

Subsumed Ability: Disharmony(altered)- lessened effect


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