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18 minutes ago, SpicyDinosaur said:

Combine that with how few melees were listed, well, it is my personal belief that melee is still significantly strong. 

It's not a belief, anyone who is claiming melee ISN'T still miles ahead in usefulness/output compared to 90% of ranged weapons is fairly delusional.

Especially the crowd who decried melee as dead because of the minor reductions to CO/BR.

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I'm not answering, because I think that op is actually Scott in disguise finding out what's popular amongst the players so he can decide what to nerf next!

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16 hours ago, Leqesai said:

Primary weapons:

Kuva Bramma
Kuva Zarr
Tenet Envoy
Tenet Tetra
Probiscis Cernos

Secondary weapons:

Tenet Cycron
Kuva Nukor


Ninkondi Prime
Gram Prime
Dagger Zaw


Kuva Grattler
Kuva Ayanga


This is certainly not exhaustive and they aren't necessarily THE best of the best but they my favorite of the top-shelf weapons. These are all weapons that are viable in Steel Path and most every bit of content available.


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2 hours ago, SpicyDinosaur said:

Honestly, from testing I can tell you what is going to cap out most of the time, but I really hesitate to say what I would replace those choices with simply from my own ignorance of what the meta is currently.


TBF, it's true that those will carry you, but they aren't the best tools for the job in my opinion. One example I would give is with melee, and how few are listed when melee is still mostly top tier even with the gun buffs. I use the ceti lacera and it melts anything it touches. Combine that with how few melees were listed, well, it is my personal belief that melee is still significantly strong. 


That said, I should have been less disparaging. Lists like this are entirely subjective. I have a ripkas with a riven that let's it go up to lower tier SP, and the ripkas mostly suck without that. (I use them a lot on nekros for the added gore mod to potentially get more drops, and pair them with the kuva kohm.)

Yeah I didn't get into melee too much because, quite frankly, there are a load of great options for melee. 

I didn't include Stropha, for example, which is beyond stupid powerful to the point that liches/sisters have special damage reduction mechanics that specifically work against weapons that output as much damage as it does.

Though in my opinion dagger zaws are the best of the best. Mostly because their heavy attack does forced slash procs, zaws have exodia brave which generates tons of energy, and you can mod in life strike on it to instantly zap your health to max. My dagger zaw shreds acolytes hilariously fast.

But yeah, melee weapons are pretty much heavy attack. Whatever weapons have forced slash procs and/or extreme damage from heavy attack are the meta. Regular combo builds are effective as well but notably less so because of the nerf to blood rush and condition overload. DE kind of messed up in this regard because the heavy attack builds, which were already stronger, are now much stronger than the regular builds.

Having said that, hybrid melee weapons are perfectly usable in Steel Path.

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Well, yeah, melee is still king, especially before you get the arcanes and galv mods.

But defining the 'best melee' weapons is much harder as they are much closer together. Having a good riven makes a much greater difference for example, and you have to click with a particular stance.

Stropha is definitely a stand-out. You also can't go wrong with Nikana Prime, Kronen Prime, Reaper Prime, Gram Prime and polearms like Orthos Prime and Lesion. My current favorite is my Sepfahn with the Blind Justice stance, which I can definitely recommend, but really, I also had fun with machetes, big hammers, etc. It all works.

Same with which way you go. Heavy attack, crit, status, hybrid, it's all good. 

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