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Name : Lia

Gender : Female

Description : Although Lia is a warframe, she spent an infinite amount of time between libraries, studying time, until she was able to develop skills that gave her control over time so advanced that she is theoretically capable of revive entire dead armies.



Hp : 135 --> 270

Shields : 85 --> 170

Armor : 200

Energy : 175 --> 525

Speed : 1.10



Continuously regenerates life, shields, energy and ammo. This effect also applies to nearby allies.


Health regeneration : 3 hp/s

Shield regeneration : 5/s (cannot be interrupted by damage)

Energy regeneration : 1/s

Ammo regeneration : 2% max ammo/s + 5% magazine ammo /s

Effect radius = affinity radius

Ability 1

Launches a projectile that explodes on contact, blocking anyone involved in time. Enemies hit will be blocked, and all damage absorbed during the block period will be taken at the end of the ability and any negative effects will have the blocked duration. Affected allies will be immune to damage, and any positive effects will have their own locked duration.


Cost : 25 + 2 seconds cooldown

Explosion radius : 7 meters

Enemy block duration : 5 seconds

Damage bonus recived by enemies at the end of the ability : +150%

Ally invulnerability time : 2.5 seconds

Ability 2

Tap : Create a time-speeding aura for everyone around you. Movement speed, positive effect action speed, reload and attack speed increased for allies. Each active damage over time effect on enemies will do damage more often.


Cost : 15/s

Radius : 20 meters

Movement speed : + 25%

Positive effect action speed : +40%

Reload speed : + 60%

Attack speed : + 30%

DOT action speed on enemies : +50%

You will recive 15% more damage while this aura is active

Hold : Create an aura that slows down time for anything close enough. Projectile flight speed, movement and attack decreased and the duration of negative effects will decay more slowly for enemies. Negative effects that deal damage over time will do damage slower, and melee and sniper weapon combo counters will decay slower for allies.


Cost : 15/s

Radius : 20 meters

Projectile flight speed : -50%

Movement speed : -30%

Attack speed : -35%

Negative effect duration decay speed : - 65%

DOT action speed : -50%

Combo duration : +100% (based on total combo duration)

You will be slowed by 15% while this aura is active

P.s. : Both auras can be active at the same time.

Ability 3

Create a time block wall. Whenever any enemy projectile tries to pass, it will be blocked on the wall, and it will hit any enemy that tries to cross the wall, which will be blocked in turn. If an allied bullet tries to cross the wall, it will succeed, but after 3 seconds it will go back to the point where it passed the wall, and make its way again.


Cost : 75

Wall height x width : 3 meters x 6 meters

Duration : 15 seconds

Wall limits : 2 (can be increased with ability strength)

Is you or any ally pass trought the wall, abilities will be deactivated for 1.5 seconds.

Ability 4

Activate the skill to emit a massive pulse, consuming energy every second. Reactivate to reset each stat of any ally involved in the impulse to the same values as when the ability was first activated. If an ally dies and self-revives when the ability is active, reactivating it will regenerate its revive. If an ally is permanently dead while the ability was active, it will come back to life when the ability is reactivated. The ability automatically reactivates if you die. If the energy runs out, the ability will automatically reactivate but will get a 12 second cooldown.


Cost : 40/s

Expansion speed : 20 m/s (up to 300 meters)


Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D

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4 hours ago, Quimoth said:

Name me one passive that has even 1% of the power you're describing here for a PASSIVE ability.

Limbo: in the rift you are invulnerable and regenerate 2 energy points every second. Nidus: You become invulnerable for 6 seconds when you take fatal damage with at least 15 stacks. Yareli: When on the move (i.e. always) the critical hit chance for secondaries increases by 200%. Ash: The slash effect is 25% more powerful and lasts 50% longer, and the slash status is among the most powerful in the game. Atlas: Total immunity to knockdown when on the ground. The knockdown wastes you precious time and exposes you to certain death at a high level. There are several powerful passives, and I find nothing unbalanced with mine. The regeneration of the vikta is imperceptible except with long periods of time, but there are much faster and more efficient methods that allow you to regenerate hundreds of times greater quantities of life. The regeneration of energy is less than that of two people who have an energy syphon equipped. Shield regeneration is almost nullified with the ongoing damage you receive, plus shields aren't the most effective way to absorb damage. Remember that shield gating only resets when shields are fully re-ignited. Ammo regeneration is 50% for beauty, and 50% for free exilus slot. The ammunition is dropped in considerable quantity, there is carrier, which allows you to always have them at the maximum, or the mods of the ammo mutation series.

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All together sounds a little too abusable and a little too strong. (passive)

It needs more negatives.  In another discussion I suggested an energy regenerating passive. But it was tied to equipped weapons.

Perhaps tying negatives that force you to build her differently or making the player choose between the 4 would be better.

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6 minutes ago, Enderman20 said:

Any advice on possible negative effects to add?

Make it an either or choice.  energy and shields based on one set.  ammo and health on another.

Then it could be changed either based on equipped weaponry or movement conditions.

In the case of this frame lets for example go

While sprinting toggled on Health and Ammo.

While sprinting toggled off energy and shields.

Then you can say she is slow and methodical in defensive situations. But fast and explosive in offensive roles.

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