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XsX issue: graphical artifacts on Tempestarii skin in railjack


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Hi folks,

sorry for posting in the pc section. I have the issue on an Xbox series X. However, I cannot post a new topic in the subforum for XBOX for whatever reason. Admins, please move this topic the the xbox issues subforum. Now to my problem: 

I have a weird graphical issue that occurs when using the Tempestarii skin for my railjack. This only happens when using said skin. Thus, the artifacts don't appear on the standard skin for the railjack. It also appears on ships of other players if they use the Tempestarii skin, but far less severe. If said players use the standard skin, the glitch also does not appear. I hope you can fix this.

Hope you have any suggestions going forward as nothing could fix the issue (neither graphical settings nor restarting nor reinstalling).DBN9YNDFEIlMPbdDIcs5HnBlS?token=eyJhbGci

Note: as stated, I only have the issue on railjack when using said skin. It doesn't appear in the rest of Warframe or any other game.



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