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stuck in fortuna elevator


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okay so I'm currently stuck in the elevator to the orb vallis because I entered the elevator after a bounty but didn't leave it with the rest of my squad while a new mission was starting

/unstuck isn't working and i cant abort because "mission cannot be aborted because it is already completed!"

I'm gonna have to force close because there isn't any way to leave

i had 4 neo r1s after about 45 minutes out there and I'm going to loose all of them

DE PLEASE fix the rooms to the open world missions they are way to buggy and this is not the first time I have lost a long grinding session to these stupid doors 

another time when farming grockdrul i forgot to enter the second door on my way in before returning to my orbiter and the game counted the mission as aborted and i lost my stuff

and then there was this one bug that I've seen a lot where the door to the necraloid just wouldn't open for a squad of 4 because one of them wanted to do another iso vault

there's also this bug where leaving a squad while in one of the rooms forces you to exit the room then go back in to return to cetus/necraloid/fortuna 

if you wanted to fix this just allow us to leave the open world levels rather than aborting so that we can avoid bugs like this

these doors are the primary reason I hate doing open world bounties because at any point you could loose more than half an hour worth of loot 

Im going to go force close warframe now and I'll provide an update on whether i got to keep my relics or not 


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