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Warframe will not start since this day


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The following is the issue:

Whenever is start the game via the launcher, it will not start but instead i get that "an error has occured" window.

Thats it. nothing has changed since yesterday to my knowledge. but i cannot get it to run neither via steam nor via the launcher itself outside of steam.

I went through the usual known potential fixes -> restarting the launcher, restarting other programs, restarting the computer itself. but nothing changes. File Integrity is not the issue either.

The crash log folder is empty as well...


Anyone else encountering this?

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I have the same problem as you, it has been happening to me since this morning. It had already happened to me days ago but I had solved it by restarting the pc, now even restarting the problem continues.
I have WF on both steam and epic games, and on both the error is the same, at this point I think it may depend on windows
here is another player who has the same problem ....


Thinking it was a windows problem I checked for updates and this morning I downloaded KB5005033.
I immediately thought about removing the update then I realized that when I installed it, Windows created a restore point ...
By returning Windows to its previous state, the Windows update has not been removed, but now WF starts ... and I hope it continues to do so.
I have been playing WF for 5 years now and a couple of years ago with the old PC I had an almost identical problem, after several attempts to fix it I had to reinstall Windows 10.
I hope my experience can help you, good luck my friend!

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If you have not been able to solve it, look here:


Posted July 21 (edited)

Guys, I think I've found the problem.

I'm using Sonic Studio 3 and it must have come with Nahimic drivers which cause the problem.

Kill these and you should be okay (I guess)...

Goodluck :)



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Thank you very much at user "Zokitan" for solution

This worked for me

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