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Re: Ultimates Of Individual Warframes Need Rework


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So in my opinion, a truly balanced Warframe has as ultimate ability something that affects enemies always in the same manner, no matter of level or faction. I will try to analyse all ultimates in alphabetical order and use red (not even close) , yellow (somewhat balanced) and green (perfectly balanced) to show if current ultimate is balanced:



Ash - Blade Storm: This ability looks great but as long as it does fixed amount of damage (2000) it becomes not that good on higher levels as you won't kill all enemies and later on even no enemies if level is high enough. Needs a rework or tweaking



Banshee - Sound Quake: The ultimate "woob woob" ability causes maximum 1200 damage which is pathetic already at level 50 enemies. Banshee can be killed during casting. Needs a rework



Ember - World on Fire: Abiltiy can deal up to 4800 dmg per target, has nice cc and damage can be increased by power strenght mods. Balanced in termes of this topic



Excalibur - Radial Javeln: Ability deals 1000 armor ignoring damage, rendering it somehow effective in higher levels. Due it's ability to target up to 15 enemies it also has nice cc



Frost - Avalanche: Ability deals 1000 dmg at all levels, is not affected by strenght or power duration mods, making it not really usefull in higher level missions. Needs a rework or tweaking



Loki - Radial Disarm: While this is arguable most balanced ultimate and although a lot of people don't like it, it has same effect on all levels but failes on infested. While making Grineer and Corpus easier to fight against it is quite useless vs infested (yes, it can kill level 40 chargers but won't affect any other infested in any way). Needs some tweaking



Mag - Crush: Nice cc ability but deals only 1000 dmg but ragdolles enemies, so you have a short time span to either run, attack or cast again. But the damage output is low already on mid level missions. Needs some tweaking or rework



Nekros - Shadow of the Dead: Summoning shadow copies of recently killed enemies with not altered stats for about 30 seconds. This ability is balanced in terms of this topic



Nova - Molecular Prime: Debuffing enemies, making them taking twice damage, rendering them slower and being able to chain explode on any level and regardless of faction, makes this ability balanced



Nyx - Absorb: Dealing at least 1500 dmg on maxed level to all enemies within up to 10 meters. This ability offers some nice cc potential and has decent damage. However in high level missions you need to spam this ability to kill mobs. Needs some tweaking



Rhino - Rhino Stomp: Dealing 800 armor ignoring damage, rendering all enemies within 25 meters defenseless and easy to kill makes this one of the best abilities in the game.



Saryn - Miasma: Poisoning all enemies within 15 meters while dealing about 1000 armor ignoring damage. Has cc and nice damage output making it viable in mid level missions. Needs some tweaking though



Trinity - Blessing: Healing your team, Regeneration their shields and making them invincible for a period of time makes this ability literally a life saver. Balanced as it is



Vauban - Vortex: Sucking all enemies in an area, dealing continuous armor ignoring damage and rendering caught enemies helpless making them easy targers. Has nice cc but could use some damage buff. Needs some tweaking



Volt - Overload: Dealing upto 1100 electrical damage, being vulnerable and having a radius of 20 meters makes this ability cc but nothing special. Most mid level enemies will laught at you while you use it. Needs a rework




Critics, ideas, opinions?

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I'd wait 'til the Armor/Damage 2.0 patch is here before considering changes, mainly due to the fact that once it gets implemented some abilities may deal more damage, less, or God knows.


I know that Armor/Damage 2.0 is coming but as far as I can remember not in before U12 which is at least in 3 months

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I complately agree with your list aside from Vauban. He was suppose to be a trapper, while that Vortex ability is wasted on vauban, he doesnt have to deal damage with it, You lock tons of enemies floating around helplessly. If use well a torid ogris or embolist would murder everything in a split second (well not 120 + enemies but yeah)


Still Im hoping that new damage/armor system would make warframes 4. abilities worth using ..

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Disagree with Saryn's Miasma, it's a pretty useful skill, although the only minor (but not major) problem is that it needs a slight damage boost. However this isn't completely urgent.



and Frost's Avalanche, SWEET JESUS that needs to be buffed through the roof.

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I'd agree with most of it, taken on the assumption that Nova & Rhino are the baseline for ults on damage. I don't feel the comparative time between activation and effect, or whether a given ultimate prevents other actions, were properly addressed, though.

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I don't like the casting duration of excalibur's radial javelin - sure it's supposed to be my "secret weapon when surrounded".....yeah right lotus: I'm STUCK THERE AFTER STICKING A WEAPON INTO THE GROUND! When I need it, the enemy usually survives, so....yeah, sitting duck.


And Saryn's miasma is oook. Perhaps a damage tweak or making its poison effect contagious (e.g. Toxic ancients "fart cloud" on death)


Just my thoughts.

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