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Haze The Kunoichi/Geisha (assassin type for the ninja lovers)


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Bring back an old concept for those who are new

Health    75 (225 at rank 30)
Shield    125 (375 at rank 30)
Armor    65
Energy  175 (262 at rank 30)
Sprint Speed 1.2

After doing research realizing that the female ninja were never called NINJA, but Kunoichi they where never liked their male counterpart, let's just say they did other fun stuff, wink, wink! but they did infiltrate through other means such as being a handmaiden to the lord of the castle or take up jobs as Geisha as a spy. but I don't think making a Warframe doing explicit things to get a kill would be fun to play. so I made a utility assassin, so I did my research and would like to see an actual female shinobi kit warframe with abilities, weapons, and techniques. I know Ash was supposed to be that theme. Although, he is my most played warframe I would like to see a female version with a different kit that is thematically a shinobi, since Yareli is another water based warframe besides Hydroid, so why not another ninja in the form of a kunoichi.  Constructive criticism is welcomed and if you think she's to similar to ash please leave a tangible argument why you feel that way.


Design Concept:   Haze would have earth tone colors and I would love to see her armament bottom half give off the illusion of having on a pair of ninja Hakama  and a type of ponytail that looks like the handle of a Kunai with some type of appendage dangling from it maybe a blade or spike and of course her Geisha form doesn't have to fully look like a Geisha. But I would love for her to have an Ibuki feel to her or Akali from league




201011010100.jpgPassive 1: shadow walk – when Haze sneaks behind an unsuspecting enemy in a crouching position, undetected, and unalerted, she can trail behind enemies in complete stealth to all surrounding enemies for 5secs she becomes one with her enemies shadow she can perform special finishers with her warframe weapon the "Cherry Blossom Tanto. Haze will lose her stealth if she gets out of her crouching position or alarms are activated she may refresh her stealth passive by following another unalerted enemy.

passive 2 Kawarimi – Haze is a master of deception when her health drops below 2% she will disappear in a poof of smoke that spreads about 15m choking enemies for 2sec and leaving a decoy log/dummy/mannequin/specter etc. of herself that will draw all enemies near it. Haze will be placed safely underground  where she can move to a safer location, she starts of with 1 decoy at level 1 and obtain a max of 4 at level 30.

  • Planted Cherry Blossom: After receiving a death blow that would otherwise kill her if she has her sentinel Oboro activated Haze is able to use Deadly Ash, or Incendiary Kunai. If Deadly Ash is selected the smoke effect from vanishing is replaced with either blinding Soot, Poisonous Mist, or Acidic Sediment. If Incendiary Kunai is selected the dummy/mannequin will be marked and will detonate upon Haze reappearing. Shadow Carrier ability strength is increased by 100% for 2secs and goes into cooldown once you choose, Deadly Ash or Incendiary Kunai
  • See the source image
  •  Passive 3: Feign of Death - When Haze falls below 2% with no more Kawarimi dummies/decoys in her reservoir, she goes into a special death animation by kneeling in a Seiza sitting posture, and plays her Shamisen activating the mini game on her banjo and can lure all enemies around her for a brief moment while playing for every enemy lured to Haze's Geisha form, you gain a number of stacks that restores one Kawarimi decoy. Once she gains a dummy; Haze's geisha form commits seppuku by stabbing herself in the stomach with her "Cherry Blossom Tanto" replacing herself with a Kawarimi dummy that activates Deadly Ash or Incendiary Kunai her real body will reappear from the underground after the activation of one of those two abilities are triggered. If you are unable to lure enough enemies with her Shamisen before timer is up, Haze will still execute the remaining surrounding enemies by blowing up. 
  • Geisha Tattoo Designs | TattoodesignsNamakubi Tattoos Explained: Meanings, Tattoo Designs & More
  • Cherry Blossom Tanto Exalted Weapon aigushi-tanto-short-japanese-sword-260nw


1.     Afterimage Dash- moving at ferocious speed Haze will vanishes leaving a silhouette image of herself that draws enemies for a short duration if she aims this ability at the afterimage she will perform a special dashing attack behind unexpected enemies with her small Tanto; Haze can chain up to 4 images before she can recast. – duration mods do not affect the duration of the images there is set duration that will appear on the screen hud. Energy Cost: 25 Range: 6/8/10/12 performing a repeating Dash chain reduces energy cost up to a cap: 50% cost reduction for the second dash 75% cost reduction for the third and all subsequent Dashes in the chain (Dash 1) 100/125/200/250 (Dash 2) 250/300/450/600 (Dash 3) 400/550/600/750 (Dash 4) 450/750/1000/1350 Duration: 7s (Each afterimage) Note: this ability scales with Melee Mods


2.    Shadow Carrier- Haze is one of the most prepared assassin type Warframes. she summons a raven shape Sentinel wearing a neck scarf named "Oboro" that is equipped with four different types of weapons for espionage, spying, and assassination. (Similar to Ivara's Quiver). Energy Cost 50

  • Kavat Claws – made from Kavat nails these allow Haze to latch to walls; converting the wall latch timer to a power duration. Duration: 15/25/30/42s Ninja Hand Claw
  •  Tetsubishi/Caltrops - Haze throws spikes all over the ground if stepped-on enemies will hop around in agony causing them to drop their weapons or causes the enemies movement and accuracy  to be reduced by 50%. if there are no enemies in front of Haze, she will throw spikes behind her. (Number of Spikes: 10/15/18/25 Max Rank) Duration 5/10/15/20sBuy 10 Nj6 Caltrops TETSUBISHI Tactical MAKIBISHI Ninja Caltrop Steel Road  Spikes online | eBay


  •  Deadly Ash – Haze blows a powerful ash-like substance that can either cause Blinding, Poison, Fire, or Corrosion. The color of your energy determines the effect.Metsubishi | Ninja
  1. -Blinding Soot -  Blows a blinding fiery ash substance from her hands that can cause enemies to see an illusionary specter of Haze which causes the enemy to attack each other. (White or black energy causes this effect) also increasing any fire damage they receive. (kinda like old school Ember second ability Accelerant.
  2. -Poisonous Mist - Blows a contagion like substance from her hand that causes Viral procs up to 50% 
  3. -Acidic Sediment  - Throws an eroding substance that corrodes Armor with corrosive proc up to 50%  Range: 8/12/15/20m  Duration of Status Proc: 30s (Max Number of affected enemies: 10) 


  •  Incendiary Kunai – Haze throws a kunai that is tagged with explosives, and on her command causes a large area explosion if enemies are affected by Deadly Ash: Poisonous Mist or Acidic Sediment it can cause the effect of those abilities to spread with a 60m (Target Range) Kunai Damage: 100/200/300/400 Blast Detonation Damage 250/400/500/750 (Max number of affected by powder increased to 20) Throwing weapons mods increase Exploding Kunai by souravvvvvv | Weapons | 3D | CGSociety

3. Burrow - Haze tunnels underground quickly with a 2 meters radius, becoming invulnerable to damage and untargetable by enemies. She may reappear behind them causing them to be open them up to finishers, or she may choose a set number of enemies to pull underground causing them to disappear from sight and placing explosive underneath creating a landmine when she reappears. Also, when she's underground Haze may help revive any falling ally safely. 50 / 125 / 180 / 200 (Landmine blast damage explosion) Landmine duration: 9 / 12 / 15 / 18s Explosion Radius: 5 / 7 / 10 / 12 m



4.  Maidens Song - KitagawaUtamaro_FlowersOfEdo.jpg

Haze deceives her enemies by hiding underground while replacing herself with her Geisha form that pulls out a three string Shamisen banjo and lures her enemy before assassinating them. Duration: 20/30/40/60 Energy Cost: 25

Geisha Form - Haze in this form can either use her Shamisen, or her exalted weapon  "Cherry Blossom Tanto"  envision Haze to have a different type of movement in this mode eloquent but fast even her walking and sprinting makes her look like she is almost gliding

  • Shamisen Haze marks her enemies with a death aura while playing the shamisen causing all enemies to be mesmerized with her music causing gunfire to cease this will lure them close to her, even if alerted, once they are near her press this ability again, and she will pull her banjo strings back and fire a massive 360 slicing sound wave from her Shamisen  causing a huge slash proc by decapitating all enemies that are hypnotized; Haze will reappear from the ground after the slash proc. Strength 350/500/750/800 (Slash proc damage) Lure Radius: 30m Slashing Wave Range: 10/12/15/18m  Slashing Wave Energy Cost: 75
  • Cherry Blossom Tanto - Haze can use her Tanto in this mode in place of her melee weapon using the mods as the stats, also by pressing the melee weapon button she will equip this weapon when in Geisha form; when she uses Afterimage Dash; the damage is increased by 300% and her decoy increased by 2 for afterimage for every 4th enemy killed with Afterimage Dash Haze replenish 1 extra Kawarimi decoy in her reservoir when she disappears doing the mannequin phase the smoke is replaced with cherry blossom petals.            20 meters.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
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You got a point here!
I think they should have done a similar thing way earlier! Beats me!
But on another hand we are pretty weaponless with stealth recently, no good stealth aiding weapons, mods, or warframes...

I love stealth, I'm a space ninja to core, but stealth is real hard now even for old members like me...

Ninjas must deceive and without a way to do so...they are doomed!

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Post-Scriptum, Conclusion, and Correction
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On 2021-09-10 at 11:38 AM, NeoSnakeVenom said:

You got a point here!
I think they should have done a similar thing way earlier! Beats me!
But on another hand we are pretty weaponless with stealth recently, no good stealth aiding weapons, mods, or warframes...

I love stealth, I'm a space ninja to core, but stealth is real hard now even for old members like me...

Ninjas must deceive and without a way to do so...they are doomed!

I always felt less ninja-like playing warframe, that is what brought me to warframe when I was in the PlayStation store I saw something that said "Ninjas Play for free" BOY...was I disappointed; after playing games like Tenchu, and Shinobido, I scoff at games with so-called stealth mechanics, but I still love warframe, and would love to see D.E get back to cool designs and mechanics, 

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