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Warframe Gladius, from the quest The Determination of the Guardian


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HI everybody, this is my first post here, i've been playing for 2 years and i want to know more about this forum.

(warning: as a native spanish speaker i'm studyng english from a time ago so i'm not so good as i wish to be, you gonna read the bigger amount of grammar error than you ever readed before in your life lol, but don't worry, the concept is clear) 

Also i have been desing 3 warframes concept and 1 rework/buff for loki whitch stills in WIP but also am desining him a new deluxe skin for the trickery boi, as i mentioned i'm just starting use the forum so if the first warframe is well recieved i will keep working on the other 2 and the rework.


So this is Gladius, The loyal guardian, inspired on greeks and roman armies & gods as well, his abbilities are focused on the melee combat. control by defense and inmovilization of small enemie groups, not a good tank but yes a excelent survivor and a mass killer for dexterous players. Compared with his closest brother Excalibur, Gladius is more static than the main swordman, they are very similar yes but in the meta gameplay they're very diferent because excalibur can kill enemies from the distant with his exalted sword, meanwhile Gladius not, but with Pilus & Scutus activated the cast of the others abbilities will be boosted.



Health: 325 / Shields: 155 / energy: 225 / armor 200 / Speed movement: 1.25 /  he's not a tank Warframe but yet he's a good survivor and controler or small groups,

Pasive: melee speed and range increase with combo multipliter, this doesn't mean you gonna reach 120% of speed attack or 1.2mts extra, i guess it would be a little bit broken from the start so the final buff would be +90% of speed attack and +0.9 of extra range (i don't have the exactly math formula for this, i just don't want make him broken or superior compared to the other frames)

Abilities (with Previtional names)

1)Egida protector (energy cost: 20): Gladius projects a brightligh shield for a short time, repelling enemies with rad damage, hold Egida for keep the shield for more time but draining energy and reducing movility, it's like the volt's shields or garuda's mirror but with less range and we can use our primary or secondary weapon until turn off the abbilitie.

Sinergies: Using Egida + Solar spear will increase the inmovility of the target/s. using Egida over enemies afected by Shield Wall will create a mass explotion in our aim direction. Cast speed is buffed while Pilus & Scutus is activated.

2)Solar Spear (EC: 35): Not too much to say, a lot of usages. Gladius invoces the Jupiter's wrath impaling both near or far objectives, designed to deal with priority targets, also it cans disable anulators shields with 3 hits.8

Sinergies: Using Solar Spear over enemies afected by Shield wall will increase the general damage affeted by this and, obviously, the explotion of Egida (it's like load nitro explosive shells on the Plasmor arca), also the cast speed of Solar Spear will be increased, as the same like Egida, while Pilus & Scutus.

3)Shield Wall (EC: 30): The pagans and heretics will obey the Gladius commands, order them to hold their position, creating a small luminous bubble that retains all the unwary who want to pass from it and adding them to the row of shields, without affecting the duration or the remaining time of this. Shield Wall will slow down the proyectile speed from every enemy who shoots from outside the shield wall, i mean, yes they can hurt you anyway but with less damage and if you stand in one only place :P

Sinergies: nothing i haven't said before with the others abbilities

4)Pilus & Scutus (EC: 25 casting, 3e/s of draining): In the begining of the siege, we expected the come to us, climbing the ramparts or falling from the sky like flaming stars, but Eratros our master just send only the ivory warrior we had. I saw it everything, his arms starts to shine with golden lights, a shield and spear appears as the radiant sun of hope, the warrior crushed one of those juggernauts before touch the ground, then with a cold and clean movement extract the spear and with a short fan of his lance and tore at twenty-odd of those monstrosities, for a second i thought i lost it amid so much blood, infested fluids and burned meat but there he was, standind the ground, like challenging the next horde, the beast couldn't wait and aiming the horrible crown he seemed like giving orders of immobilizing them, then other horde will shared the same punishment, and other twice, the scarlet warrior drawed a perimeter with a single entry with his enemies, Eratros teached him well in the Art of War, by his face i get known this was not the firts time he test his finest warrior, he will never fail to him, he will protect to all of us. I taked the Marak's binoculars from her hands for see the next step of GLadius, the monsters weren't fools, they moved drawing circles outside the shield wall and once the firts victim died due the end of the spell, they attack, with a double charge from two fronts. The ivory warframe nor flinched in its deadly elegance, dancing among the long arms of death, he repels every monster who tried to bite him, then like already planed by Gladius, another front got opened in the perimeter, he just jumped away from the infestatius heretics and with a quick hand movement another group of monsters who was entering from the firts entrance got suddent stopped but the time was not at his favor because every time a group got free, he needed to jump and Immobilize another new group. I was understanding what he tried to do, like a analog ancient clock, he was controling the movement of the enemy crowd but also, i get noticed about his attack were being faster more and more over, the spear and the shiled got more bigger, reaching to hit and kill more enemies than before, but the cost was high anyway, those beast reach to hit him, before staggering, he struck a deadly blow again and then got up and killed again in less than a blink of an eye. We couldn't do anything for support or help him, we were just anormal kids, just that, watching how our savior shed rotten blood and his blood too, if he had any. The massacre continued by hours, i didn't left to watch all the horrible show but suddenly it ends and there he was, with his legs bent but with his faithful spear of rays acting as a support so as not to fall if it was what he seemed and thousands of slaugthered corpes and galons of blood at the monastery gates. Eratros came in silence, watching carefully to Gladius and he returned the look in silence, a cold look without eyes but intuiting i thought he was waiting for the approval of our master or perhaps new orders, "let him enter, wash him and get ready for the Executor arrival, he will be pround about our final prototype, even if the prime version is already crafted, our Guardian will overpass any other model of the other tenno houses, be pround my childs, be pround of ourselves, about him", our master said and his orders are law what must be complited. I stayed a bit more of time, i swear the warrior was looking me while the monastery gates were open, even when he was walking trougth the gates until disappear from my sight. I swear, feeled from that day, i will be the next Operator of a warframe Gladius.

Extracted from Gladius' leverian, The determination of the Guardian quest prologue.

The determination of the Guardian is a quest what introduces the warframe Gladius and also adds a new kind of "challenge" in the void maps, instead of a normal Assassination mission, you must defy and beat the failed Gladius prototypes until get the main bluesprint from the final boss: yup the final version of GLadius, but this only after the quest so he will be not buffed.

During the quest you must hunt down the failed prototypes across the void maps to get know what is happening with this "crazy specters" , once you defeat many of them you will get the coordenates of the Eratros orokin ship, after being constanly attacked by prototypes you will get to the final chamber, where the obstinate guardian awaits you, many others warframes lie and with signs that they have been there for centuries, some in broken in many pieces and others with missing limbs, Eratros in some point of the tought fight against Gladius will turn off the vital functions of our warframe, and before get instakilled we have to use the fallen others for change the strategy plan and giving a more gameplay suprise to the player.


 After try to take down Gladius with a excalibur, ash, nova, mag, oberon, grendel, etc we finally get a rhino who left one arm but his Roar and Iron skin still working :) so we take large amounts of damage from a last desperate attack with the guardian's shield who tries in vane block the gates of his master chamber, the rhino's iron skin starts to detach from his body and we finally grab the gladius neck, before smashing him in the ground, with a last attempt he sticks his lightning spear in the rhino's chest but this only makes rhino overload (just imagine a 5000% of instant power strengh, yeah that's a lot) him during combat,, with a final ROAR rhino destroys the gladius arm with the most powerful Stomp you ever seen, the Guardian convulsing by a programed feeling like pain tries in vane to get free from the ravenoust rage of the iron monster who grabs his head and without paying attention to the hands that he hit with his only arm, the unchained rhino feeled how his enemy neck starts to get fragile and taking advantage of what was left of the roar, he imposed his badly wounded body until he ripped off his head with a rain of fire and sparks, only for then conteplate it before throw it away. Once our Operator get outside from the battered but honored warframe, like a warrior who can finally find the peace he wasn't created for, we go for Eratros but a distant voice cries out for our atention, a young child, as us, crawn in the floor like a baby who never learned how walk, and there he was, the last stand of the guardian.

What you gonna do with him?

1)Brother (help him to stand and tell him the truth about what he is)

2)Fanatic (just let him crawn, we came for his master and the child is no longer danger)

3)Menace (the first tenno who is totally againts us and maybe you never could convice him, kill him before he use the transference with the others fallen warframes)


And then is Eratros, the responsable behind all this madness but the nature of his aspirations is more ummmm complicate, even he don't know everything what was happening all this centuries after The Colapse annnnnd that's all what i will say from him :x


soooo well this was the entire post about Gladius, Idk if you gonna read it all, i dont't care too much, i just wanted to write this awesome idea what i have from a long time ago, if you have some suggest or opinion i will be open to read you ;D

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Damn this Is cool

Thanks to both of you ^^

If i can reach to finish some draws of Gladius i will make another post with them, also i post more ideas on the warframe reddit subforum!

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