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Found a bug after valence fusing two weapons together in the Railjack menu


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I finished hunting a Sister of Parvos and decided to fuse some Railjack weaponry and doing so revealed what is shown in the screenshots below.



Those weapons could be equipped, I know this because I did equip it and considered entering a mission to see if it worked but chose NOT to out of fear of possibly being banned for using a bug like this one.


To get this to happen all I did was valence fuse a railjack weapon (I used a Zekti Laith Mk III if that's important), I did this in a Clan dojo and after defeating a Sister of Parvos but I don't know if those two are necessary for replicating this.

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Happened to me twice by using Valence Fusion on a currently equipped weapon, consuming another turret that was taking up one slot in the UI.


The Tunguska does not shoot on both the front and side turrets sadly. It just disables the turret. I haven't tried equipping it on ordinance, or equipping the Bahul Decoy on anything. 


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