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Kuva Chakkur is not recognized as a sniper in Sortie


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Today's Sortie has a "Sniper Only" condition, except that the Kuva Chakkur is not recognized as a sniper.

Sanity check on Kuva Chakkur, that it is a sniper... in that it uses the "Sniper Ammo Mutation" mod.


This is my setup


Here is the Sortie mission with "Sniper Only" condition.


And this is what I got


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Sniper Ammo Mutation can be equipped on launcher weapons that pulls from the sniper ammo pool, none of the other explosive or bow weapons can be used in sniper sorties either.

Not that it isn't confusingly labeled, TBH at this point they should just change the name to special ammo or something.

(Edit: I forgot that bows use Arrow Mutation)

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Hm, points taken, regarding being a rifle instead of sniper. When you type "sniper" in the search box for weapons, the Kuva Chakkur shows up... along with other non-sniper weapons erroneously showing up too. Oh well.

It does makes sense to call it "Special Ammo" along with Special Ammo Mutation for snipers, bows, launchers, etc.

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It would be nice if weapons like the Chakhurr could be modified in the Kitgun vendor shops by attaching a scope f.ex..

From that point it could be categorized as a sniper rifle, it doesn't make any less sense than calling it an AR or a DMR since it's a slow firing gun with high per shot damage.

Or it could be called an Anti-Material rifle, or Anti-Platoon rifle, with its own set of mods it could be equipped with.

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2 hours ago, basvard said:

So... DE... what about this??

It is about guns working exactly as advertised.

The description clearly says "assault rifle" on the ambassador.


Bring negotiations to an instant conclusion with this Corpus assault rifle. Switch effortlessly between charged explosive sniper shots and rapid fire electrical assault mode

The Ambassador is a Corpus assault rifle whose Alternate Fire allows switching between fully-automatic rounds or a long-ranged explosive shot.

Kuva Chakkur clearly says it is a "rifle" too.


Detonate heads with this slow-firing rifle that rewards precision.

The Kuva Chakkhurr is a unique Kuva flintlock-styled rifle.


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