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Community Stream Schedule: August 16 - August 20

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I mean... okay, I guess.

Thanks for the drops. 🤷 30 minutes of watching to get something that I can get by playing a few levels.... or just deploy a few extractors... better than nothing, but wow, pretty lame compared to usual.


As someone else said, either make the grab bag drop several of those, or maybe triple the value of them, or make the drop happen after 15 minutes. Otherwise, who cares?


(Edit: that said, let me reiterate that I'm thankful that you do drops at all. It's a nice bonus, but it's honestly the main reason I watch each day, haha)

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Listen, DE, I love you guys. I truly, truly do, but what is this?


Can we stop with the grab bags? Can we stop with the less than bottom of the barrel drops? If you're gonna dangle a carrot to people to watch the streams, why not just bring back the Vaulted Drops? Make it actually alluring to people who are just after the drops in the same way y'all are just after the viewer count.


Also please give us more Lavos Fashion. Peas and Spanks. 

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