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Hyperion l The Lightbringer


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So the idea for this warframe is a fire exalted weapon with powers of sunlight/fire like the Titain Hyperion. Hyperion cant equip weapons.  As a result he creates his own exalted weapon out of sunlight (I'm thinking claymore or 1 handed sword) and the exalted weapon doesn't require energy to sustain and grows stronger. Not sure if the exalted weapon should work with stance mods though.

Passive: Overwhelming Force- hyperion's boundless power prevents him from equipping weapons. But Hyperion's exalted weapon gains power strength, melee damage, and speed depending on the number of stacks of Roaring Sunlight. When at a max of 10 stacks exalted weapon attacks discharge miniaturized sun's in direction of aim.

1: Divine Spear/Holy Rain- Divine spear launches a spear of sunlight that travels in a linearly in direction of aim. Does piercing damage and over penetrates targets. Damage increases with targets defeated. Grant's 1 stack of Roaring Sunlight when a target is killed.                    When under the effect of Unbound Divine Spear becomes Holy Rain. Hyperion will throw 4 spears in a rapid succession.  Each target hit creates more spears which then seek out targets (proverbial rain). Kills with either ability restore energy.

2- Solar Flare/Primordial Sun- Solar Flare will create a burst of sunlight blinding and burning enemies. Radius scales with range mods.                                                      When under the effect of Unbound Solar Flare becomes Primordial Sun. Primordial Sun creates a sun overhead that deals great fire damage over time while its active. Can have its duration increased with Duration mods. Kills with either ability restore energy.

3- Sun's Grace (passive)- Hyperion gains lifesteal based on the number of targets burning and the stacks of Roaring Sunlight.                                                            When under the effect of unbound gain active ability Lightspeed. When 3 is pressed Hyperion will turn into sunlight and travel in a straight line in direction of aim and will stop upon coming into contact with an object. Passing through enemies burns them and grants stacks of Roaring Sunlight.

4- Unbound/Forbidden Sun- Consume 10 stacks of roaring flames to activate Unbound.  When under the effect of Unbound energy is consumed during duration. While unbound is active all abilities have potency increased, melee damage is increased,  burning damage is increased, and abilities gain additional effects.                                             Forbidden Sun- when unbound is active single press will trigger Forbidden Sun and double will deactivate Unbound.  Consume 10 stacks tocreate and launch a sun in direction of aim.  If launched where no surface is present i.e. an open field the attack will burn out during travel however enemies will serve as kindling to keep it alive and moving growing bigger the more it kills.  This attack does devastating damage on contact and is initially fired at max size and stays that way for 5 seconds. If it comes into contact with a surface it will explode doing colossal damage and creates a zone that will burn enemies if they enter. The idea of the ult is to incentivise launching it at the ground or something of the like with a cluster of enemies, however I want it to be good for wave clearing as well.

What do yall think. I think the idea is cool, and would love to see something like this implemented in game.

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