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I think these bugs are still a bit serious.
Yesterday's steel assassination is easy to get stuck. Especially the first skill of wukongprime and the first skill of Mirage Prime, as well as various phantoms. Once the above entities are summoned, the boss's blood volume will not change.
There are still a lot of bugs in the assault defense, the defense does not change the number of waves for a long time. There were eight waves remaining after 15 minutes of assault.
Arbitration’s Vitus Essence dropped. I think there is a problem. We only dropped Vitus Essence after 30 minutes of survival. I think it’s not a drop rate issue. Because it is impossible to lose only one in 30 minutes, even if it loses 3 or 4, I recognize it, but the chance of losing one is indeed a little less than 3%.
Also, when opening the Void Relic, the final settlement interface is not easy to come out and cannot be selected.
There are also photos about the above bug
In the end, the Condition Overload mod is installed on Stropha and there will be problems with the damage calculation. The result is that no matter when the damage is not installed, the damage of Primed Pressure Point is not high.
Can I give a -75% discount for so many bugs? I want to support the future development of DE



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