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Sister Candidate not displaying weapon (apparent reproduction and fix?)


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There is currently a bug that occurs when you down a Sister candidate and it doesn't display the weapon it has. I noticed that this often occurs when a Parvos Granum Treasurer is also present in the mission, and that when I kill him and return to the Sister the weapon shows up then. This has happened multiple times and I managed to fix it using this method so it may be a potential workaround until it gets fixed. I think the reproduction steps are either:

a) spawn treasurer, down the candidate
b) down candidate, spawn treasurer

For the record, I do these missions solo.

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Same here. Whenever the Treasurer has spawned, a downed Sister candidate does not display her weapon icon. I once even had the Treasurer spawn just as I approached the downed candidate and saw the icon fade away, and it returned after I killed the treasurer, as always.

I also did those missions solo.

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