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Greetings Tenno,


I'm coming from the world of Fighting Games, finding most of my success in MK. Recently I decided that after devoting 7 years to that side of gaming that it was time to walk away and start focusing on another type of game or genre. I bounced around a bit between Magic, and Division but coming back to WF has been a real blessing.


Anyways, I'm MR16 and I am doing the YouTube thing and wanted to just share the channel. I've only ever been a fighting game creator/commentator/competitor I'm posting content daily or every other day (dependent on my work week) and really taking it serious. Honestly the reception has been really nice so far. I have 3.7k followers on Twitch but I don't plan on streaming at least not for the near future. Yt has been the focus and I've thoroughly enjoyed it.


Idk if this is allowed here but I just wanted to put myself out there and show the community another content creator exists and put my name in the hat. If you'd like to support or be part of the daily content or even have a recommendation as to something to cover - www.youtube.com/ECHOcompanyTV

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