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Good afternoon, dear, I faced such a problem as choosing a Warframe skin (Vauban Prime), a skin (immortal). When choosing this skin, the main version of the prime skin is selected, which cannot be disabled, I had to buy a more convenient skin because of this problem, I cannot know what this error is or ... I hope for your understanding, kindness and good luck.

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I have a similar issue with the immortal skin.
on Zephyr Prime, when selecting the immortal skin, the body shape changes form Prime to regular , and on the regular body shape the immortal colour scheme is applied.
it used to be possible to have the Prime body with the immortal colour scheme

i tried to report it


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9 часов назад, Nagtria сказал:

У меня похожая проблема с бессмертной кожей.
на Zephyr Prime при выборе бессмертной кожи форма тела меняет форму на обычную, а на обычной форме тела применяется цветовая схема бессмертия.
раньше было возможно иметь простое тело с бессмертной цветовой гаммой


я пытался сообщить об этом

Hi, raising this topic, I also contacted support and today on (Voban) there is the possibility of disabling the skin of the prime version, try contacting support.


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