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Acolyte trapped me to starve.


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Acolyte teleported me inside a very fancy gilded deathtrap.

Alas, in slaying them, I did not realize I sealed my own fate as well XD

(I'm not crazy, this room can't be opened from the inside, right?)


Frustrating irony in that the final sabotage cache was in there too 😢

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I did try /unstuck! More than once. However it didn't move me (which makes sense; theoretically all the space in there is a valid place to be standing.)

Edit: Incidentally, one presumes that it being a "valid" standing position (I don't know how the code decides this, of course—a valid navmesh underfoot?) is also what allowed the acolyte to jump in there in the first place. (Assuming that they did, anyway; I wasn't paying much attention until after the fact, it's always theoretically possible that they teleported just me in there and then died of slash damage or something. Though that seems less likely.)

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