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Cernos Prime Alt-Fire does not work with Zephyr's Tornadoes


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I discovered this issue when messing around with the Cernos Prime recently, so I'm not sure if this a new one or just an issue that hasn't been caught yet. That being said, this issue is persistent in all missions whether I host them or not. I created a video in the Simulacrum showing how it affects gameplay. 

Zephyr's tornadoes, when hit by a crit, deal that crit's damage * 2 to all enemies in that tornado. When using the Cernos Prime on the tornadoes, Horizontal Spread functions as intended, but when you switch to Vertical Spread, none of the crits appear and the damage is greatly reduced. When shooting enemies directly, it functions as intended.

I tested this in the Simulacrum with a Cernos Prime modded to 105% crit chance. This issue does persist with lower crit chances as well. 

Google drive link to video

Edit: YouTube link b/c Google Drive was hazy

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