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The Dreaded "session Full" Bug


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I don't know if this is already been said, if it has I apologise but something needs to be done about it..


everytime i try to set up a group i get 2 people no problem but on regular occasions i try to add a 4th person and it keeps saying for them "Session is full" when it isn't,


it means having to completely reset, type out their names all over again and hope to god the bug doesn't re- appear.


recently its happening most times making group creations extremely difficult if not almost impossible, especially for specific T3 missions where i like to have certain warframes for...


please could you make this a priority please because this bug is very frustrating to allot of us


thank you

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surely this can be easily fix? Granted i'm not a dev so don't know the back end but it seems to be a simple coding problem??


This bug is a regular occurrence now and is hampering people in create groups, it could also deter people from playing in groups because they have trouble setting them up...


this problem could grow bigger...

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THIS IS A DAMN ANNOYING BUG, me and my friends are trying to play when we can have only 2 person in a squad. any third person get invited will just get this message, Can't join because session is full. Since when a 2-person-squad is full??? please fix this issue....

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