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Fortuna bounties instant fail upon entering objective area


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A specific area on Orb Vallis caused a bounty mission failure twice. First was in a two-person party with a Lv40-60 bounty, and second time was solo in a 30-50 bounty.

Steps taken both times:

1. Receive bounty from Eudico (second failure was the Synth Reflex series of bounty rewards)

2. Go outside, start bounty chain as normal.

3. IF this specific "exterminate enemies in the area" objective shows up at Grow Site, fly in via Archwing. Mission should fail upon entering, but the enemy kill counter will still be in the UI on the left (not shown; screenshot was taken afterwards). Mission already failed, so nothing happens upon completing objective.

Note that there is a key and console to interact with that spawns in the same spot, and I think it is interfering somehow. As far as I can tell, it has nothing to do with the original objective. If I pick up the key and put it in the console, it triggers some dialogue and increased spawn, but nothing else seems to happen



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