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Kuva lich cutscene in railjack causing bugs that make necramech stuck in walls and lich become immortal and unable to kill.


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I recently trying to finish my kuva lich, but the cut scene is causing so many bugs, including when I use my Voidrig dash and cut scene appears, I get stuck in some weird place and unable to unstuck, have to retry mission and pray not to be bugged again, another bug is after the cut scene, someone's lich will be immortal and can't be killed. It is really frustrating to get all these bugs as it takes so much longer to finish a lich....


After tennocon I encountered more bugs than usual, my full party got stuck in a mission after extraction, everyone have to force abort mission and get nothing out from the long survival mission run....


Since insert image URL doesn't work, this is the example how the bug look like


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