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Rewards not dropping in Sanctuary Onslaught rounds B and C


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When playing to Zone 6, We are only getting credits and two Lith relics. We should at least be getting some higher level relics. We are trying to farm Khora. This has happened for three rounds, I believe. Can't figure out how to attach screenshot, but The end of mission screen says:

Zone 6 reached

DraganArrow 524 Melee Kills NuPharazon 65 Eximus Kills

Kills 9,520 Eximus 68,000 Zones 150,00 A+ 227,520

Glaxion Vandal Rank 15 Affinity 31,526 Bonus 39,408 Madurai 17,735/409,212 Unairu 12,591/45,542

Mission Score 227,520 Credits 10,000 Lith B8 Relic Lith G4 Relic



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thats the normal loot maybe you want to check the lootable again
Lith B8 Relic & Lith G4 Relic Rare (9.17%) rota a
and rota b maybe you got endo or the credits since they are not metioned in the drop tables normaly
and if you uploade the screenshot somewhere elst you can post the link
and btw rota c is 8 zones 2=a 4=a 6=B 8=c repeat

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