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Kijish | Parasites and bacteria |


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Name : Kijish

Gender : Male

Description : Kijish's body is infected with a myriad of parasites and bacteria, with which Kijish has developed a synergy. Parasites consume his body to survive, but heal him if he takes "unwanted damage," and can even protect him from harm that would be fatal to anyone else.



Hp : 500 --> 2.000

Shields : 0 --> 0

Armor : 400

Energy : 0 --> 0

Speed : 1.10



  1. You constantly lose part of your life, every single second, but when you take any damage, you will be healed quickly.


Negative healing : 25 hp/s

Healing if you recive a damage : 75/s

Healing duration : 3 seconds

Healing stack up to 5 times

Negative healing stop when you reach 3 hp

      2. When you reach 2hp, you will become invulnerable for a short period of time, and you will be quickly healed. 


Duration : 4 seconds

Healing : 10% max hp/s

Cooldown : 12 seconds

If this passive can be activated, you cannot be killed, and when this passive is active, it cannot be deactivated

If any of your abilities activate this passive, the cooldown will be reduced by 80%

Augment for the passive

Description : For every 1% missing HP, Kijish takes 0.7% less damage.

Ability 1

Launch a cluster of vermin at enemies. Parasites will penetrate their meats, and feed on their bodies, continually reproducing. When an enemy affected by this ability dies, it will explode spreading the parasites to nearby enemies.


Cost : 15% max hp

Range : 17 meters

Angle of dispersion : 65°

Parasited duration : unlimited

Damage : 10/s + 100% total damage/s

Enemies will be stunned for 1.3 seconds when hitted by this ability

Explosion radius on death : 8 meters


Description : When Kijish or an ally deals damage with weapons or abilities to an enemy affected by the parasites, 2% of the damage dealt will return to him in the form of HP.

Ability 2

It lacerates your body, to release the bacteria you grow in your meat in the form of a massive cloud that will be very harmful to any form of life, biological or robotic.

The bacteria used by this skill will automatically reproduce within your body, and the longer you don't use the skill, the more powerful and wide it will be the next time you use it.


Cost : 8% max health + 100% actual bacteria counter

Bacteria counter limit : 1.000

Ability will have 100% strength and radius if bacteria counter is above 400

If bacteria counter is less than 400, the ability will lose 1% BASE strength, range and duration for each 5 bacteria counter missing

Ability gain 1% strength, radius and duration for each 10 bacteria counter above 400

Bacteria counter gaining speed : 10/s +50%/s total bacteria counter

Ability stats (if bacteria counter is 400)

Radius : 25 meters

Duration : 20 seconds

Damage : 350/s 

Debuffs (for enemies) 

  1. -25% movement speed
  2. -50% reload speed
  3. -40% precision
  4. +100% damage recived
  5. +100% status duration


Description : Both Kijish and his allies when inside the cloud have a 40% chance to dodge a hit. Percentage not affected by mod.

Ability 3

Grow a large amount of parasites on your skin, which will form a solid armor that can protect you from damage. When an enemy gets too close to you, they will be contaminated by parasites, which will penetrate their flesh, feed and reproduce within their body.


Cost : 3% max health/s

Ability stop when you reach 3 hp

Parasitic armor hp : 1.200 on activation + 350/s (both increase with ability strength and negative efficiency)

Hp limit : no

Contamination radius : 8 meters

If an enemy remain for 1.6 or more seconds in the contamination radius, it will be contaminated by the parasites

Parasited duration : unlimited

Damage : 10/s + 100% total damage/s


Description : When Kijish attacks enemies affected by parasites while this ability is active, 1% of the damage dealt will go to heal parasitic armor, up to a maximum of 2,500 per hit.

Ability 4

Blast your body, spreading parasites in every direction, which if they don't hit an enemy, they will cluster in a single spot in the form of a parasitic carpet that you can control and move wherever you want, even climbing the walls. The parasitic carpet will continually release a cloud of bacteria that will weaken and slow the enemies above the carpet, so that the parasites can attack the enemy, entering the body, and possibly, consuming it to make it one with the carpet.

By reactivating the ability, the parasitic carpet will reform your body, and the percentage of life remaining on the carpet will equal the hp you will be cured when you return to your body.


Cost : 100% max hp

This ability will ignore 2nd passive

Explosion radius : 35 meters

Parastic carpet health : 12.000 (increase with health mod and ability strength)

Parastic carpet armor : 50 (increase with armor mods and ability strength)

Probability to ignore damage : 10% --> 90%

Probability to ignore damage grow when the carpet's hp is reduced

Carpet radius : 16 meters

Carpet movement speed : 0.55

Bacteria cloud damage : 350/s

Bacteria cloud effects

  1. -25% movement speed
  2. -50% reload speed
  3. -40% precision
  4. +100% damage recived
  5. +100% status duration

Cloud height : 3.5 meters

Carpet damage : 550/s +100% total damage/s (The damage increase is individual for each enemy)

Damage is dealt directly to health

Life steal on carpet damage : 2%

If an enemy is killed on the carpet, the carpet will gain :

  1. + 25% maximum hp
  2. +100% maximum armor
  3. 10% max health regeneration
  4. +1 meters radius
  5. -1% base probability to ignore damage
  6. +25% cloud and carpet damage

Effects can stack up to 10 times

Effect duration : 120 seconds (unaffected by mods)

Duration reset on each new stack

Before returning to your normal body, you must remain in parasitic carpet form for at least 12 seconds.


Description : When an ally is on top of the carpet, it will connect to the ally, and will absorb 90% of the damage the ally will take, and in return, each time the ally regenerates life, the carpet will regenerate an equal amount. to 50% of the life regenerated by the ally.



Description : By activating the first ability when in parasitic carpet form, a large amount of parasites will be thrown at each enemy at a distance of 15 meters from the edge of the parasitic carpet. Cost 15% max hp


Description : By activating the 2nd ability while in parasitic carpet form, 100% of the bacterial counter will be consumed, along with 4% of the maximum HP, and both the damage and the radius of the cloud will be increased by 1% for every 10 bacterial counter.


Description : By activating the 3rd ability while in parasitic carpet form, 2% of the carpet's maximum HP will be consumed every second, but the damage and accumulation rate of damage dealt by the carpet will increase by 100% for the time that the ability is active. Consumption is reset for 3 seconds when an enemy is killed on the mat.


Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D

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