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Warframe Idea Tinker The Jack of all Trades


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Stats without mods

Life: 750 -> 2000

Shield: 50 -> 200

Armor: 50 -> 150

Energy: -

Sprint speed: 100


Passive: Allies within a 10 meter radius have the 50% effect of their active ability. Only 1 ability can be active, but has no energy consumption. Increased damage (10%) when only one weapon is equipped.

1: Increased speed, reload speed, increased damage for 3/5/10 seconds (max rank) every 30/25/20  seconds (cdr reduced by efficiency mods) (stats increased by strength + duration mods)

2: 5% increased armor for every enemy nearby (20 meters (fixed range + stat)

Extra shield of 50/100/200 (increased by strength) and every 10 seconds extra life steal 1/3/5% on the next attack (fixed life steal)

3: stuns every opponent in a 10 meter radius around him (allies only slow down the opponent) every 20 seconds (cdr reduced by efficiency and efficiency) {up to a maximum of 10 seconds} (radius increased by range mods) [opponents can only be stunted once every 20 seconds]

4: has an aura around him that deals 10/15/20% Max Health (his own Max Health) (Increased by Strength Mods) + 1/3/5% Max Health (from his opponents to their own healt) caused by opponents (Fixed Stats)

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