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Being in necramech can bug out relic opening in corpus fissure survival


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What the title says, just happened to me and another guy. We have had selected a relic and had 10 reactant. We were both in our necramechs when the 5 minute mark hit. Our two allies could select a reward but we couldnt.

Both of us werent afk, we had 10 reactant and we had selected a relic. But it said "not enough reactant collected", which is weird since reactant, just like other drops, is shared in railjerk. The next 5 minute marker hit and we purposely switched back into our warframes shortly before it and bam, bug gone. If we go back into our necramechs for the next 5 minute marker and same bug again.


What? Cant select relic reward even when 10 reactant was gathered

Where? Railjack void storm survival

Why? Being in a necramech when the relic reward screen comes up can bug it out




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