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free roam placed marker disappears (Thermia Fractures specific?)


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I've been sealing fractures in the Thermia Fractures event on Orb Vallis for a couple of days now.  Sometimes markers I place disappear on me.  I've only been doing this solo, so, not sure if it happens in a group.  I've tried searching for this issue, but, haven't found anything the same.  


So, what I tend to do is fly around a bit, looking for fractures before I grab a coolant canister.  If I find one, I'll place a waypoint marker on it, grab the coolant, and then come back to the marker.  That usually works fine, no problems.


Sometimes, though, I'll find another fracture after picking up a canister.  So, I'll leave my marker as-is (on the earlier found fracture), and seal this new one.  The problem is that pretty consistently, once I've sealed the fracture, my marker disappears.


I haven't noticed this issue with any other game mode.  Although, I don't really use markers in a similar manner.  The way it happens, though, it seems that sealing the fracture resets something.  Anybody else notice anything similar?

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This happens in open world areas period. I am having this issue right now in OV doing K Drive races. I mark a race start point do the race, and now my marker is gone so I have to remark it to get back to start. It seems to disappear when you enter a vehicle. If you place the mark while in a vehicle then you can exit the vehicle and it's still there, but when you get back in or use a different vehicle it's gone again. It's a serious PITA.

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