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Un friendly reminder orokin reactor vs catalyst on invasions nau


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I grinded the hell out of the last nightwave intermission so I got my hands on PLENTY of potatoes for both weapons and frames. I notice I tend to use weapon potatoes a lot more since I have a bad habit of trying to build up many different weapons (and failing because I don't have the 800 forma needed to perfect all of them at once) but only actually cycle between a small handful of frames.

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2 hours ago, Hypernaut1 said:

wow. i remember when i used to live for these notifications and there would be a mad dash to complete the invasion. Do people still do these? Completely forget they still exist

Yes I do because why pay for it when you can just do them easily, I did last nights one.

1 hour ago, Tiltskillet said:

There's actually two catalyst invasions available now.  A second one just popped up.

I still do the ones for catalysts, even though I've got quite a lot stored up now.

Cool I'll get on that second one.

Neptune/Proteus: 19.22%
    Exilus Warframe Adapter Blueprint
    Orokin Catalyst Blueprint
1h 26m
6h 20m



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I go for Exilus adapters (where available) since I don't want to farm for Simaris standing anymore. Otherwise, I go for Catalysts and then Reactors... but the latter 2 are trivial to via Nightwave. And Exilus adapters... not so much.

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