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Let us equip Roll and Movement animations like we can idle animations


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We have a handful of frames who have different rolling animations (Wisp, Xaku, Sevagoth, etc) and we have at least two frames with different movement animations (Wisp, Titania).

We can equip other frames' idle animations, why can't we also equip their movement and roll animations? Preferably as a separate selection than the idle animations, because I'd love to use Garuda Noble idle, Wisp walk/run, and Sevagoth roll all together. I'd understand disabling certain effects for certain frames when using their roll (Xaku's extra pieces lagging behind briefly when they roll) but it would give us the customization we've been begging for since Titania came out and again when Wisp came out.

Let us make our Chromas fly, like the beautiful beast he is!

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13 hours ago, sam686 said:

I really want to change roll animation and sound for Hildryn, very loud and noisy, almost louder then gun fire.

There is Limbo's roll which I am unsure about, as this one can enter or exit rift mode.

Any frames who have special effects for their rolls (such as Limbo's rifts) would ideally still be able to do so with the replaced animations. Frames who adopt their rolls (again using Limbo as an example) would not be able to enter the rift with their roll, ideally.

Basically just an animation swap, with effects disabled where it doesn't make sense. (Xaku's frame bits or Limbo's portals)

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