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Karma the warframe


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A Warframe based on Karma called Karma.

  • Omen toggle between good and bad omen for an area of effect.
  • Instant Karma a de ja vu in which a teleport to a map marker transports karma in an instant to the marker regardless of energy.
  • Cosmic forces summoning a syndicate death squad. A way of determining death squad level would be to use the WF aura capacity to establish base rank of death squads. Meaning a polarised aura with steel charge and orokin reactor equipped the base level would be 78. With a max rank intensify it would be + 22.8 levels 22.8 being 30% of 78 = lvl 101 death squad. 
  • Mantras if energy were drained. Mantra could increase shields/ armour and critical damage/ combo count chance.
  • After the eximus reboot I think it plausible to consider auras as an additional ability.
  • A passive ability could be instant death for any enemy that kills a comrade after she revives the warframe from bleedout. 
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further thought.
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