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Raid Party in Railjack Mission [PC]


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It seems like its possible to cause a raid party to form in Railjack, which would be cool if it wasnt half functional. I havent tried to recreate it as I don't know enough people to test it with and who the hell knows what forcibly using something like that would do in the already bug-ridden Railjack could cause. This happened a couple days ago and I was just to lazy to report it till now.

So the bug seems to have been caused when after a mission somebody wanted to leave and tried to force start the "Return to dojo" mission. which I stopped and because i did it broke me off from the party. the thing is we were all still on my railjack. i didnt think anything of it and just started my next Void Storm. So once the mission started it not only recruited new players for the void storm it seemingly forced the other 3 i was no longer with back into the party with us as they were on my railjack. there were 7 people in the mission at the start before some left and after the 1st survival round it showed the relic select screen and though we only got to pick between 4 relics the UI was shifted to make room for a 5th relic though it was just empty space. There was only 5 people left at the time and it was somebody left over from the previous group I had. we couldnt type to him and he didnt show up in the chats list function for the party be we could see him, gain affinity from his kills (shared affinity showed a 4 showing it clearly recognized the 5th player), and when he was down we could revive him as well. 

Below is a long to the picture i took at the start, unfortunately 2 people left by the time i took it but there were 7 people at 1st and you can see numbers 5 and 6 for two of the party members in the screen shot

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