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Dojo polychrome bug never fixed


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I contact DE Drew and told him about polychrome bug. I also contacted this forum post over three weeks ago about the same issue. I also put in a ticket about his same issue. To be honest, people spending money purchasing bundles and other design item in your game should not have to deal with a technical difficulty issue over a month old about a color bug. I understand a week, but over a month is long for a color bug issue.

I know every game has bug issues, but I don't play those other AAA games, I play Warframe and support Warframe; so for my sanity and enjoyment, please fix your game.


Warframe might be for free but the bundles, accessories, and other items in the game are not. You guys at DE want people to stay interested in the game fix bugs on the regular. Letting some go will only multiply in the long run.


My clan  name is Path of Sundai Gauntlet. My name is magheed. We play on the playstation.


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