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WTS All Hexis Black, Red Energy Kavats!

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Today I bring you three beautiful Kavats for sale!  All are 100% Hexis Black (indigo,) and have the coveted red energy!


Celestia: A Smeeta with a maned body, tufted ears, and a peacock tail.


Polaris: A Smeeta with a hyacinth body, tufted ears, and a peacock tail. 


Andromeda: An Adarza with a maned body, tufted ears, and a peacock tail.



Contact me via the official forums or Discord (SpicyDinosaur#2019,) to purchase any or all of these wonderful beasts!


The current price for these beautiful kavats is 600p for two smeeta imprints and 500p for two adarza imprints! A new low price, don't miss out!


Also, many thanks to NawwDidums for providing me with the original Kavats at such a good price that I can provide my own fair price for such exotic beasts. (Yes, NawwDidums is aware I am selling these!)


Credit goes to AubergineMist for the lovely captura images!


*Gold energy variants to come soon!











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