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ArchGun Pew or Pow?



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1 hour ago, Quimoth said:

For your voidrig take the mausolon or kuva ayanga for great AoE clearing of rooms. Take the mausolon for orphix missions because the ayanga hits like S#&$ there (due to it being AoE only unlike the mausolon)

They are both AoE, but Mausolon is hitscan and a larger portion of its damage is in its actual projectile. AoE damage does deal damage against the Orphix, but the projectile itself has to hit the weakspot. Mausolon is more consistent because it being hitscan, while Kuva Ayanga fires in a slight arc.

All that aside, Arquebex is still the most effective thing against the Orphix.

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For profit taker, the best archgun depends on weather or not you're using mech or frame, for mech, best archgun is corvas unless you're using volt and have a godroll velocitus riven, in which case velocitus is best. For frame, mausolon is the best by far, as it has incredible ammo efficiency and can 2-3shot limbs rivenless if you have a damage buff like eclipse on your frame. Rivenless mausolon is better than imperator vandal with a god roll riven

For orphix you're not getting better dps than voidrig's arquebex, so the best archgun is fluctus as it can twoshot the resonators through walls and floors. 

For general archwing usage, velocitus is a beast in corpus trench runs as it bounces off walls like crazy and goes through every enemy without slowing down. corvas is quite good as well.

mausolon's a safe bet in every situation

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Not sure if you're in the right section of the forums to begin with.

For your voidrig take the mausolon or kuva ayanga for great AoE clearing of rooms. Take the mausolon for orphix missions because the ayanga hits like S#&$ there (due to it being AoE only unlike the mausolon)

Imperator vandal is probably still the strongest for profit taker.

Velocitus used to be a one shot machine for the J-3 Golem but with SP out and the fact you run it only once (and some nerfs i believe) it is no longer being used by me.

Fluctus, fun to use for normal archwing, great AoE/dps.

Grattler(Kuva and normal) great for J-3 Golem or normal archwing.

Cyngas, best arch-gun in the game for those ships/enemies that are affected by status. (not so good on your mech)


Archwing/Railjack => Cyngas

Mech => Mausolon

Profit taker => Imperator Vandal

Fun/good to use => Fluctus, Gratller, Ayanga

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There are so many different scenarios  I am constantly switching out my archgun.

Fluctus is my fav for archwing in RJ (not really needed now that AI pilots work, but its good at smashing rocks/mines in space IF u felt the need to do that).  Fluctus can help with Orphix because of its infinite punch BUT when the things you need to shoot are in different tiles the waypoint/target icon only highlights the door..  So if the target is in another room your going to still have a hard time shooting it unless you memorize every layout and spot.  I dont do orphix very much its to fast for public squads of newbs and not powerful enough to solo them fast enough)

Cortege is like wisp's 4.  Mine has a riven.   I love it alot.   I use it with my mech to take out enemy mechs,  lichs,  troops.   It has a range limit that makes it not so awesome for open world.   Cortege has an alt fire that launches 4 mines out in front.  Kinda overkill on the graphics,  not that helpful vs some bosses,  great at others.  Not that great for general enemies.

Morgha is extremely weak even compared to other archguns.  The only thing it has going for it is a giant explosion alt fire that isnt that helpful at all...  not against bosses...  not against troops that you have to kill normally just to build up the charge lol.   The bullet velocity on this gun is also atrocious and slow as hell.  

Kuva Grattler I probably shouldnt talk about.... its not super deadly... just super effective...  Huge AoE blasts that have punch through....so you can kill buttloads of enemies through walls/corners.   I like to use archguns w/ Protea because of her abilities.  She can boost shields, she can give ammo/health/energy,  she can lay down grenades/mines, give her an archgun and she can lockdown an area really well.  The Kuva Grattler is freaking awesome in her hands.   I've been doing those daily Steel Path Missions and even with just using x4 60/60 mods she does a decent job of clearing the map.   Im never the biggest damage dealer,  and I never get the most kills.  But I do my part and do awesome at supporting my team.   Im on my last round of maxing it out and then I can probably upgrade it to all 90's.    Im kinda testing which is more effective... x4 damage or  x2 damage + cc/cd.   I havent really tested the grattler out on my mech for iso vaults... it should do amazing versus infested...but not sure about mechs..  I'd have to go for direct hits to the arms instead of relying on aoe.   I have also used protea/grattler for current lichs and it works great.    (But like I said its kinda weak)

Mausolin... the one area I like mausolin is for open world.  Its fast and has a huge range.

Imperator... I've always used Imp for profit taker.  I've used it on my mech and it works pretty dope.  Would prob shred enemy mechs spectacularly.   But I just did PT the other day for NW with my normal mech set up of Cortege and it obliterated PT also.   Any archgun is great v PT lol.  (Thats like the one single solitary fight Morgha is nice for... build up a charge and then you can nuke all 4 legs at once w/ alt fire.).   Remember on a mech you have infinite ammo it just takes time to regen.   This makes Imp very very nice.   Its kinda on the weak side because it benefits from all the extra mods.   RoF/Multi/ cc/cd/ sabot/ so that only leaves 2-3 spots for damage types.  (could really use a Kuva version....)


For me.. on foot or in mech im using Cortege or Grattler right now.   In Archwing...which there is never a reason to do i stil prefer fluctus.  Larkspur is awesome but to short of range.  I havent given Lark to much of a chance on foot/mech,  I think I have a prob with the ammo clip size and it feels weaker on foot.   I havent had a chance to try Kuva Grattler in open worlds yet.. see if it can take down dropships or what it does to thumpers.


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TBH I now run the Kuva Ayanga in archwing missions - something about it wipes everything in its path, with AoE, and good fire rate and feel.

So as it was my favourite I took it on a thermia fracture, it was rubbish. Probably projectile speed issues more than anything, didn't feel like it was being too effective.

Fortunately, the Kuva Grattler (something I expected to be MR fodder) turned out to be utterly awesome for it - park your mech on a hill, shoot at anything on the ground. Lots of numbers. Its not a super deadly weapon on paper, but it is super effective. That AoE matters a lot, it also clears Deimos vaults reasonably well even if some of the harder centipedes take a few hits to takedown. It still works (maybe I should mod it better or put a catalyst on it, but really - I don't need to!)


The Larkspur - does indeed suffer from range. Its ok on mech in open worlds but not great, not really satisfying either. Its good novelty value, wears off quickly. Not like the grattler blasting everything in a huge area from a great distance (and yes, it kills things you cannot see, just stop when the numbers stop popping up!)

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Fluctus for target-hitting objectives (Like Railjack exterior vents) due to the infinite punchthrough. It's the best for this reason alone. Just aim and shoot and doesn't matter, you'll hit it through walls and doors. Allows for some heavy abuse in many missions.

That said Mausolon and Arquebex are great or the reasons everyone said. Damage-wise good.


The rest of archwing weapons are situational DPS. (Dunno about Kuva Grattler.)

Larkspur is notable as undesirable, but is okay. Consider it in context to Hildryn's kit and it makes a lot more sense as a tileset archgun. (With the launcher and gravmag installed.) Most Archwing stuff is unfortunately just MR fodder anyways though, even with Railjack.

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