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New Plant Warframe Botan


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BOTAN, a Plant Warframe, utilizes his manipulation of nature to protect his allies at the best, and kill his enemies with hazardous toxins, and large wooden constructs thrown at enemies.

LORE: There was an abandoned cryopod left in the deep jungles of Earth after a shipment of cryopods were being sent to Alad V for his Zanuka project. Only one cryopod fell, but it was enough to make a new Warframe emerge. Currently the Grineer live on Earth, and they live dozens of stories high to ignore the Infested dormant under the trees eating the corrupted wildlife. The Warframe in the cryopod was easily exposed to the Infested. While he was inside of forest AWAKE for 5 years absorbing the organic plant life, He left off surviving and fighting for his life. He examined himself then soon left the area in haste. Over those 5 years he gained the abilities of the nature itself. The suit didn't have a defined mechanism yet so he could to adapt to anything at the time. On a fateful day, there was a Rescue mission sent by the Lotus to find missing warframes not claimed by the Grineer or Corpus. He was then sent "home" to fight for the Tenno as suspected before his kidnapping.

HEALTH 100/300 at level 30
ENERGY 150/225 at level 30
SHIELD 100/450 at level 30

BOTAN comes out quick with a large amount of damage at his disposal, making him effective at many situations.
He is given 100 armor and a large shield so he can save his allies under pressure.

Here are his moveset, kill-support / kill-utility / support-utility / utility-support-kill

#1. SPROUT: Creates man-eating plant monsters that hunt for prey. Costs 25 Energy
Can make Charger-like creatures that do 50/75/100/150 every claw attack. Hits twice every 2 seconds. Affected by Focus
Does not have a time limit, only a damage limit. The monsters have 150/200/300/400 health that can be affected by Focus.
Maximum of 3/4/5/6 monsters. The monsters can stun enemies
Tips and info:
#1. If you have Energy Siphon, wait until you are full so you can summon all 6 possible monsters.
#2.The monsters can be healed by the 3rd ability to increase their power and to heal them.

#2. SPLINTER: Shoots venomous thorns that blinds and poisons his enemies over time. Costs 50 energy
Deals 100/150/200/300 impact damage that blinds 5/8/12/15 enemies for 5/8/10/15 seconds. Affected by Focus.
Also deals up to 50 poison damage over 3 ticks at all levels.
Tips and info:
Use this ability to stun your enemies for those 15 seconds to let your SPROUT monsters get their hits in.
Opens a large opportunity to summon REGROWTH, just in case your SPROUTS need health during a battle.

#3. REGROWTH: Plants a healing tree giving positive or negative effects for allies or enemies. Costs 75 Energy
The tree can be planted up to 30 meters away from him and has a 10/20/25/35 meter range of effect. Affected by Stretch
The positive effects are given to any team member, even rescue targets, and negative effects are given to any enemy type, even cameras.
The positive effects are: Health and Energy is regenerated like Energy Siphon, giving 25 energy a two seconds and 50 health a second. The tree gives you 25% extra Energy and Health than you already had.
Negative effects are: Slows down enemies by 25% at highest level and decreases armor rating or enemies by 40% at highest level. Negates ALL poison Aoe and DoT's! Making Toxic Antients useless.

#4. EVIL ROOTS/ CONNECTION: All surrounding enemies are crippled by ominous amounts of vines that bind all enemies, and survivors in botanic prisons. Costs 100 Energy
Deals 700 Wood damage( new mechanic I made with blinding effect)
Survivors stay inside a bundle of vines for 20/30/35/40 seconds.
Survivors in prisons are more susceptible to melee damage, projectiles and melee by up to 3x. The survivors are now BODY BAGS! All damage given to you or you allies are transferred to your victims, making you and your squad invulnerable via enemies caught. You can have move prisoners if they are in range,but the new prisoners will only have half the time of the full effect.
This ability definitely needs more work. Please give me your opinion on a good Wood-based, Support-kill ability.
Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading. God Please give me some feedback on the 4th ability it's not right. P.S you can make him a girl but that's mainstream to me. I edited. I don't think the 3rd ability should give health, only the Ult. how about you? Any opinion is a good one!

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