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Nightwave weekly acts appearing completed on their own and without rewarding their respective standing(Nora's Choice)


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3 minutes ago, SilverHelix said:

I'm actually following up with this because my bug is related, but sorta different. Someone bailed and caused a host migration after I completed fishing but the new host wasn't available and so i failed, didn't get the fish, but NW is still completed. however no nightwave standing is issued. I should have 3500/10000 and the first reward unlocked. but only have 9000/10000 of the first reward. Also, another issue is failed host migrations? why won't it just pop me into my own private mission or start a new mission with me solo? Failed host migrations shouldn't be a thing anymore.




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wrong platform
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On 2021-08-17 at 6:34 PM, (PSN)serbaayuu said:

Just wanted to note that mine has not fixed itself in the past 24 hours as some other users have reported.

Same here. I didn't log in for a couple of days but it's still like that. A couple of new dailies were added and they were automatically completed without me even doing them. I hope this gets fixed soon

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