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On the sudden death of the defense target of Saturn IO in arbitration mode


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I don't think this is a very interesting BUG, especially when I played IO with a friend for more than an hour and got nearly 100 Vitus Essence, we just put a few more phantoms, but we didn't give up the attack at all and gave up the battle to the phantoms. Even my Mausolon has a high killing rate, so it can be proved that we are not faker player at all. But even so, our defense target was still under the protection of two Ancient Healer, and died in an extremely short time, which may be within one or two seconds, because I just picked up the dropped objects, and he was already dead. In addition, it is worth mentioning that there were very few enemies at that time, so it was difficult for me to judge what enemy named BUG killed our defense target. Those enemies only have more than 200 levels, and they are not the enemies of Steel 9999. I can hardly imagine how high the damage can make the target with more than 40,000 blood volumes protected by two Ancient Healer be killed. ENOUGH, I hope you can fix this BUG, and I hope Warframe can become better.

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