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Is This Normal Lag Or What?


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Well this last match was the most horrible match ever.
It all went well until the defense started. A lag so $&*&*#(%& i've never seen it before.
First i noticed my carrier refused to pickup stuff, ok fine whatever, i walk over it.
(Happens too often as a host anyway)
Second i notice i can't pickup any loot even if i walk over it. Also most enemies are either shuffling or teleporting like crazy by this point. (This is gonna be fun with no new ammo/energy pickups i thought.)
Third i notice the damage i'm doing isn't actually mine, but from someone else.
(I expected a host migrate soon but nothing)
Fourth, couldn't switch primary to secondary, since i was out of ammo for the first.
Tried meleeing stuff, animations worked fine and without lag, yet no damage. Dit see all my elemental procs going off tho.
And in the end i couldn't even click Claim&Exit after wave 5.

I got my ping req. set to 300ms, the standard, and even that is too high for my taste and i still end up in a clusterf*ck like this. The logic, it eludes me.
I used to get this awesome spammage of not being able to match because of high pings, i prefer that annoyance instead of this. Forcing me to either quit or alt+f4 not only giving my profile bad stats but wasting my time as well.


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I've gotta say that this issue has been popping up for other people when I host... But only after the most recent update or two. People who have never had any lag issues when I hosted now lag out when I host. I haven't made any significant changes to my computer or network, so I can only conclude that the recent update broke something.



This is pretty crappy. My friends stopped playing Warframe completely until this is fixed, and there's a good chance I won't be returning until the next patch myself.

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So far all the bad lag i've had was the result of me getting matched to someone in Russia (residing in the Netherlands myself, "only" 3000km/2000'ish miles away).
That or most of them are Russian speaking people.
Edit: 'speaking' as in typing, in case someone wants to nitpick

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If you have a good enough connection, set your ping limit to 100 in the options. That way the game rejects most hosts and lets you host yourself. I have had so many problems with Russian people hosting that I just want to host myself now.

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It's not a matter of laggy hosting or anything, it's a de-sync problem.  I've got good internet, but I've noticed this problem is primarily on Survival and Defense missions, though it's very inconsistent.  If I'm host, then a couple of my friends (one playing in the same house as me) will wind up de-synced...running in place on my end and unable to actually affect anything on theirs.  If I join one of them, then I wind up de-synced with the same effect.

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same propelm happemd to me yesterday 4 times and today 

can,t pickup anythink can,t switch my second weapon door don,t open to me

and when i ask my squad member the said they are see my warframe body in same place from 10 min

how that happing .... the game need a big fix 

and i forgert the black screen propelm she show-up when i finish the game all the time 

pls lotus find a Solution

and to know my connect speed is pervect

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It is definitely not lag.

Did a few Phorid runs today with same group. We didn't change our host, and everything was perfect, no lag at all. Then, at 5th or 6th run - bam, I'm desynchronized with same symptoms as in OP, and then I've got black screen on end of mission.

Never had this kind of desyncs before recent patches. But now I'm experiencing such symptoms every fifth game at least. 

Pretty sure that DE broke something badly in their netcode with recent attempts to fix black screens. Moreover, I'm now experiencing tenfold as much black screens, as I did before.

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This has become a consistent bug for me or someone in my game regardless of who hosts. It only started occurring for me after the latest Hot Unfix.

On top of that the black-screen-of-death is almost guaranteed and the end of theses bugged games suggesting the issues have the same origins.

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