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Coat of arms giving reputation points from two different unions


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1 hour ago, Lerigolbrtt said:

This is a private photo. You need to change the permission so that "anyone with the link" can view your picture.

EDIT: Fixed! Thank you. Yes I see it now. This is what normally happens.

1 hour ago, Lerigolbrtt said:

 When trying to use two coats of arms at once in the warframe, I got the message that I could only use one faction coat of arms at a time, but when entering a mission, I realized I was earning reputation points from different syndicates. 

  1. Correct, you may only have one syndicate sigil (coat of arms) on your torso at one time (either on the front or the back). Even if they are identical sigils.
  2. A single sigil will affect four different syndicates.

Example: Arbiters of Hexis sigil gABdZIG.png

Will cause the Arbiters of Hexis to like you a lot, Cephalon Suda to like you a little, Perrin Sequence to hate you a little, and Red Veil to hate you a lot.


You can find the full details here:


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