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Which Zenistar Riven should I go for?



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1 hour ago, -SilverWolfPrime- said:

Wait a sec, what happened to it?

During the big melee change a couple of years ago I think it was, DE effectively killed the effectiveness of the Zenistar.

I'm not really sure about Zenistar as a normal weapon but I mainly used the disc side of the weapon for a bit of CC and it killed the enemies really well that ventured into the radius of the spinning disc.

I was able to place it out and it would kill anything that walked into the disk area, I've tried everything with builds to test it out and it just doesn't have the killing power anymore.

I even tried building up the combo to 12x and placing it out, all that did was tickle the enemies for a longer period of time.

Though to be honest I haven't tried messing around with the Zenistar in the last 12 months, I was anoyyed at DE for nerfing the hell out of it in the name of they reckoned they were making it better because of the changes, I might see if I can make it great again or at least kill higher level enemies once again but I'm not holding my breath.


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