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[Warframe Concept] Harrier, the Pollution Warframe(and bonus frames)


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So I have been working on some frame ideas, and Harrier felt the most complete. He is a status support type frame, meant to be played with status causing frames. He thrives when enemies are affected with status and can even prolong/ amplify ally status effects. I’m not a game designer/developer obviously so I haven’t come up with numbers or know what needs balancing. I just wanted to have some fun and create my own original frames/kits. Let me know what y’all think:

Harrier: The impure, the polluter 

Harrier is a warning, a reflection of the treatment of the world. He brings pollution and ruin wherever he goes.

Passive- Hazardous Intake: Status effects feed Harrier; giving him 5% energy regen as long as there are enemies affected with gas, radiation, corrosive, heat, or viral status effects within 50 meters 

1- Smog: harrier sends forth a cloud of noxious gas, causing enemies to retch and suffocate. This smog can also hide allies within it. Attacking the smog with heat damage of any source will cause the cloud to explode, dealing heavy blast damage. (Gas cloud status effect is applied to enemies in smog)

2-Irradiate: Harrier emits radiation from his body,extending status effects and increasing their potency by %. Harrier can recast this ability to release a wave of damaging heat energy in front of him. This heat wave can trigger the smog explosion.(Can cause radiation status to enemies that stand within the radiation aura part of this ability. Ignite status can affect enemies hit with the heat wave part of this ability)

3- Filtrate: Harrier absorbs the status effects of enemies around him, dealing damage to them; he then emits waves of pure energy that heal himself and allies based on the amount of status effects absorbed.

4- Acid rain: Harriers calls down a rain of acid in an area around him. Enemies hit are stripped of their armor and take heavy corrosive damage. The area does follow harrier, but is slow moving. (Applies Corrosion status effect to enemies. May leave acid puddles on ground that deal corrosive damage)


My other 2 frame Ideas are:

- Mannequin, a puppet warframe that deconstructs and reconstructs enemies to understand the world around ithttps://www.deviantart.com/novad10/art/Mannequin-the-Uncanny-888985744

- Prima, a dancer warframe who utilizes her signature razor-ribbons to spin, damage, and entangle enemies as she dances across the battlefield.https://www.deviantart.com/novad10/art/Prima-the-Dancer-888985813


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