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Lavos QoL: Auto infuse last element on no element - also have 3 bounce off walls


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Playing around with Lavos, he feels pretty strong but playing him is a real chore sometimes due to the constant need to infuse.  Sometimes, especially against weaker enemies, I just want to set a damage type and go to town with his abilities, but needing to infuse every time really kills the tempo.


Since there's never much reason to not infuse SOME element, I think it'd be nice if Lavos automatically infused the last element you infused if you kept the infusion blank.  It could even be an augment but honestly I think it ought to be base.  Then you could add an augment that made it do random elements or something - maybe even a little intelligent in not picking the prior element, or perhaps repeating your last 8 infuses so you could set an order and then just chain cast abilities without having to constantly play the piano.


Also, Lavos' 3 can very easily get blocked by obstacles on the map.   It would make Lavos a little more consistent and fun if, rather than stopping, his probe from his 3 would bounce upon hitting an impassible obstacle. 

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