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"Protect the excavator" Fortuna quest; Fortuna retains alerted status unless you return to the Orbiter before proceeding.


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  • The power cells spawn too rarely and drop outside of the quest area, making it impossible to pick them up without abandoning the quest.
  • There is always more than one Corpus ship at the location, and they can destroy the excavator in seconds if they feel like it.
  • The excavator is insanely fragile, being Lv1 against Lv30 enemies. I thought excavators were supposed to scale now?

Abandoning and rerunning the quest fixes this. This apparently results from Vallis retaining the Corpus' 'alerted' status from the previous mission, which means spawning enemies and ships ad-infinitum as if you're in the middle of a stronghold if you do exactly as the quest details instead of arbitrarily returning to the Orbiter before you continue on the quest chain. This is in spite of you returning to Fortuna (which supposedly resets the 'alert' status) beforehand because you're required to do so for part of the quest chain. I'm not sure it needs to be stated, but this is a bug that can make it even more difficult than it already is for a new player. Please fix, it won't be difficult.

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