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Master of beast frame


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It’s main thing is having companions fight for you. It’s passive has two parts, first is having a small void dragon (if it bleeds out then 4th primary will respawn it), second all damage taken to frame is split between companion, so its basically immortal as long as you have companions, because of this the frame has 10-15 health, 20-25 shields, 25-50 armour.

It was two sets of ability primary and secondary, primary ability summon a companion then switches to the secondary ability while the companion is alive. Primary ability have a special requirements to summon, secondary ability only need energy and subsuming an ability will replace a secondary ability.

Primary abilities:

1.       Summon a kuva kubrow that dive bombs enemies. Recharges from taking damage, redirected damage counts.

2.       Summon a raknoid. Has a timed cool down.

3.       Summon an infested juggernaut . Recharge from kills.

4.       Consume the 3 summoned companions into a fissure and fuse it into the void dragon to make it a bigger and stronger corrupted dragon, you will also need to resummon the companions to use secondary abilities.

Companions health Scales with ability duration and their damage scales off ability strength. Ability efficiency effects the summon requirements.

Secondary abilities:

1.       Kuva kubrow howls releasing clouds of kuva that seek out companions/allies to heal and grant armour.

2.       Raknoid fires a raknoids hive canister at the enemy with the highest health near it. The enemy’s health slowly drains to sustain the hive, raknoids will attack nearby enemies or recharge and fortify (reduced damage to) shields.

3.       Infested juggernaut shakes of infested moths that make enemies attack each other and gives energy regen.

4.       Clone summoned companions (I dont think this ability works with every thing else but I can't think of any thing better with a corrupted them).

I tried to have the ability based around  the 4 main factions: grineer, corpus, infested and last corrupted.

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